About us

We Understand the Challenges You Face

EVERY YEAR when something sudden and unexpected occurs, many people and organizations rely on OQQSA®. Regardless of the type and nature of the event occurred they rely on OQQSA® for expert advice and objectively determined damage compensation amount.

OQQSA® has been operating in the Bulgarian market for thirty years now and with its about ten Bulgaria-based agents, it offers services, which are intended to keep pace with the constantly evolving needs of our customers and users.

WE AIM to eliminate the process complexity by making it simple and effective for everyone involved.


Using our proven expertise in working with the world leading organizations, we continue to adjust services we offer to support managing the wide range of issues our customers face today. Our business solutions focus on risk and loss mitigation and reduction.

Customer service in OQQSA® underpins everything we do, regardless of whether the client is a public or a private entity. We provide services and expertise you seek, regardless of your location in Bulgaria, whenever you need us most.